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Lockdown Christmas

“It’s Lock Down Christmas!” is the chorus that rings through the house... “Get the Blankets!”
“Get the Games!”
“Jesus Christ... is that a mouse?!”

Apparently locking your family in the house during the bleak-mid-winter is a GOOD IDEA... Trapping those you ‘love’ in overheated rooms with nothing more than The News and those four films we can all agree on.

Plates of food that ooze heat and crackle cold, grace our lips and sofas... apparently, there’s no need for the dining room...

Instead we blink at our mother, and, at each other. And sit and smell the dog.


FYI... 'Lockdown Christmas' was written in  December 2019 as a flash-fiction story before the term 'lockdown' was associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

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