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Play fighting

It seems to me that play fighting is the purest expression of love.


Play fighting is a promise
A vow
No where else do you see such complete trust

You promise no harm, you promise to stay fair and

Most of all...

you promise to maintain action whilst refraining
to take a second of those brief sunny breathless moments for granted.


Like two kittens with claws in you’re

swiping at soft faces and smiling eyes.

Crawling over your torso

and nestling into your neck
All in an attempt to wiggle out your grasp...

and get to that tickley spot between your ribs

So you shudder from the pressure point.


Releasing me like a bunch of blossom

To litter the floor with limbs and laughter

And a juvenile sense of accomplishment

As I really must win this mini-sofa-war.

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