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forget the things that cling

and weigh around your chest.

forget a past that’s near,

my dear.
forget, forget, forget.


and in this moment drive straight,

drive far, drive fast
... drive safe.
in this moment. this eternal now

forget forget forget.


let us look into a future...
a future far from here,
a future that cannot contain us,

a future we won’t fear.

remember this.

for now we are young
and our memories and just a smudge.

so take my hand my love

before we change the gear
and in a moment dove
we will be far from here.


let us look over the dash
and drive to the hollow moon.

for we are man and arrogant

we head to a place with no plan...


so love, dear, hope

remember to forget

Remember To Forget, Forget, Forget

Photo by Eliecer Gallegos on Unsplash

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